When You Shouldn’t Post a Bail Bond

If a loved one has asked you to post their bond, it is ideal to give it some thought. After all, life happens and sometimes situations occur beyond our control. Jail is an experience few people enjoy and when a situation occurs, they shouldn’t spend time behind bars while life goes on without them. However, it isn’t to say that you should rush down to make bail bonds knox county oh for this person. Before you decide to post a bond, take a look at a few reasons you should probably make this one time you’re not the person that’s there in the time of need.

1- Appearance in Court

When you post a bond for someone who is in jail, you’re promising that they’ll appear in court on the time and date specified. If there is any concern that the person will appear in court, avoid posting bond because you could face a world of trouble if they don’t go to court.

2- Career Criminal

Sometimes things happen and we find ourselves in jail. It is unexpected and a new experience indeed. If the loved one who wants you to post a bond makes a career out of going to jail, do you really want to give this person a free pass to get out and do it all over again?

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3- You Can’t Afford It

If money is tight, don’t make your financial situation any more difficult than it is by posting a bond. Charity starts at home and it is essential to make sure your loved ones are taken care of before anything else. Don’t put yourself in a bind to help another person.

There are a few instances that helping a loved one post a bond isn’t a good idea. This includes the three reasons listed above. Don’t make that bond if there is any worry or doubt in your mind!